Potato Farm Custom Sign

This project features a completely custom sign we created for a Minnesota-based potato farm. The client provided two images they wanted featured and we created a design based on the images. The primary challenge was developing sketches that converted the tractor, harvester and truck into a silhouette, and then blended it with the row of crops and the sunset. The

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Project Spotlight: Hazelnut farm sign

If you have ever looked through  our design gallery and couldn’t find a sign that fit you perfectly, we have a solution for you. We can create completely custom signs from scratch. We recently completed a sign for a hazelnut farm on the west coast. The customer reviewed our current design gallery and liked the style of artwork, but did

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Custom metal farm & ranch sign production

Custom farm and ranch signs

In the short video below we highlight some of the inspiration and work that goes into the designs we create. All of the custom metal farm and ranch signs we produce start out as a hand drawn sketch, then go through a series of programming steps to prepare for cutting. A durable powder coat finish completes the process.

How to display your custom farm sign

How do you display your new custom farm sign? This is a common question our customers encounter while planning for a new sign. As with many aspects in life, you have options. Our custom farm signs are designed to hang from posts by using chains or similar methods, but can also be screwed/bolted to the face of a wall using

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Farm sign re-visited after 5 years

Five years ago we produced one of our first custom farm signs. It was designed for the family farm in Eureka, SD. We recently paid a visit to the farm to see how things were holding up, and we were impressed. It looks virtually brand new. The powder coat finish on the sign looks very fresh, and with the newer

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