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Potato Farm Custom Sign

This project features a completely custom sign we created for a Minnesota-based potato farm. The client provided two images they wanted featured and we created a design based on the images. The primary challenge was developing sketches that converted the tractor, harvester and truck into a silhouette, and then blended it with the row of crops and the sunset. The end result is a flowing, cohesive image that looks like one natural scene.

Client supplied photo

Client supplied photo


This custom sign was laser cut from 3/16″ steel and finished with our standard, outdoor grade textured black powder coat. Contact us for more details on a custom crafted sign for your farming or ranching operation.

Have an acreage? We can handle that too.

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Project Spotlight: Hazelnut farm sign

If you have ever looked through  our design gallery and couldn’t find a sign that fit you perfectly, we have a solution for you. We can create completely custom signs from scratch.

We recently completed a sign for a hazelnut farm on the west coast. The customer reviewed our current design gallery and liked the style of artwork, but did not see anything that fit their hazelnut farm. After exchanging a few emails we were able to develop preliminary sketches to present to the customer. We created the sketches using photos and input from the customer, which enabled us to form a clear cut direction for the design and artwork.

Preliminary sketches.


Customer supplied photo.


Customer supplied photo.


Select photos supplied by the customer were used to develop a new design, which started out as a hand drawn sketch and eventually transformed into a fully finished sign. This one was cut from 7 gauge steel and finished with our signature black powder coat. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and price quote, and create a dream sign for your farm or ranch.


Custom metal farm & ranch sign production

Custom farm and ranch signs

In the short video below we highlight some of the inspiration and work that goes into the designs we create. All of the custom metal farm and ranch signs we produce start out as a hand drawn sketch, then go through a series of programming steps to prepare for cutting. A durable powder coat finish completes the process.

How to display your custom farm sign

How do you display your new custom farm sign? This is a common question our customers encounter while planning for a new sign. As with many aspects in life, you have options. Our custom farm signs are designed to hang from posts by using chains or similar methods, but can also be screwed/bolted to the face of a wall using the same connecting holes used with chains. We recommend four methods to our customers.

1. Hang from posts

Hanging from posts is the most common method used. With this setup, chains are linked from each corner of the sign to a connecting point on the post system. You can use two independent posts or connect them with a bar going across the top. In the photo at the top of this post, you can see an example of how a customer installed their own wooden posts to hang the sign. Also, steel and wood are both good options. Just make sure to use heavy enough posts with either option, and bury them at least 24″ into the ground. Fill your holes with concrete for extra strength.

We can also fabricate a steel post system for you. These systems are typically comprised of three primary components which can be assembled on site by the customer. Local customers can have a welded solid post system, which is all one piece. Both options look similar to the sample in the photo below, and are finished with the same powder coat as the sign.



2. Free standing framing

With this method, you build a frame structure to house your sign. Put your sign in place using hooks and eyelets to connect to your frame. This option can also be built from wood or steel.



3. Attach posts

Weld or bolt-on rod or tubing to provide a simple way of displaying your sign. For larger signs that will need to be shipped, we provide brackets on the back side for the customer to bolt on the posts during installation. This method works especially well for simple installation of smaller signs.


4. Fasten to wall/siding

Drive bolts or screws through holes in the face of the sign to attach to wall or other vertical surface. Mounting holes are cut into the sign with this method. This is the most cost effective way to display your sign, as it requires the least amount of hardware and materials to complete.

Final recommendation

Always consult with your sign manufacturer about the best ways to display your sign. We can custom fabricate posts and display systems to work with your new sign, as well as provide expertise to customers building their own systems. While the four methods described above are the most common we use, we are open to assisting with a different idea you may have. We look forward to working with you on your next custom farm or ranch sign. Take care!

Farm sign re-visited after 5 years

Five years ago we produced one of our first custom farm signs. It was designed for the family farm in Eureka, SD. We recently paid a visit to the farm to see how things were holding up, and we were impressed. It looks virtually brand new. The powder coat finish on the sign looks very fresh, and with the newer landscaping work around the sign it looks almost better than it did when it was first installed. The post frame also still looks great, with all of the welds showing no signs of oxidation. This particular sign is 6’ across, laser cut from 3/16” steel and finished with our signature black powder coat.

Over the years strangers passing by on the highway have stopped to comment and leave kind notes praising the sign’s artistic quality and impressive appearance. We can make a sign like this for you and your family. Visit our design gallery and Contact us today to learn more.