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How to display your custom farm sign

How do you display your new custom farm sign? This is a common question our customers encounter while planning for a new sign. As with many aspects in life, you have options. Our custom farm signs are designed to hang from posts by using chains or similar methods, but can also be screwed/bolted to the face of a wall using the same connecting holes used with chains. We recommend four methods to our customers.

1. Hang from posts

Hanging from posts is the most common method used. With this setup, chains are linked from each corner of the sign to a connecting point on the post system. You can use two independent posts or connect them with a bar going across the top. In the photo at the top of this post, you can see an example of how a customer installed their own wooden posts to hang the sign. Also, steel and wood are both good options. Just make sure to use heavy enough posts with either option, and bury them at least 24″ into the ground. Fill your holes with concrete for extra strength.

We can also fabricate a steel post system for you. These systems are typically comprised of three primary components which can be assembled on site by the customer. Local customers can have a welded solid post system, which is all one piece. Both options look similar to the sample in the photo below, and are finished with the same powder coat as the sign.



2. Free standing framing

With this method, you build a frame structure to house your sign. Put your sign in place using hooks and eyelets to connect to your frame. This option can also be built from wood or steel.



3. Attach posts

Weld or bolt-on rod or tubing to provide a simple way of displaying your sign. For larger signs that will need to be shipped, we provide brackets on the back side for the customer to bolt on the posts during installation. This method works especially well for simple installation of smaller signs.


4. Fasten to wall/siding

Drive bolts or screws through holes in the face of the sign to attach to wall or other vertical surface. Mounting holes are cut into the sign with this method. This is the most cost effective way to display your sign, as it requires the least amount of hardware and materials to complete.

Final recommendation

Always consult with your sign manufacturer about the best ways to display your sign. We can custom fabricate posts and display systems to work with your new sign, as well as provide expertise to customers building their own systems. While the four methods described above are the most common we use, we are open to assisting with a different idea you may have. We look forward to working with you on your next custom farm or ranch sign. Take care!